Aviation & Maritime Security Act

The Aviation & Maritime Security Act is a piece of United Kingdom legislation that extended the Secretary of State's power to protect ships and planes within the United Kingdom. The act originally passed on July 26, 1990.

Aviation Security

The Aviation and Maritime Security Act allows the Secretary of State to give directions to any individual flying an aeroplane in the United Kingdom in order to protect an aerodrome. Said protection may involve moving the aeroplane in a fashion that is advantageous to the defence of the aerodrome. Additionally, the act makes it explicitly illegal to intentionally commit any damages to an aerodrome.

Maritime Security

The act allows the Secretary of State to declare any harbour a restricted area. The Secretary may give orders that a restricted area can not be entered or exited by any ship or individual.

History and Amendments

The act primarily consolidates issues from other pieces of legislation and makes explicit some offences that had originally had been illegal simply through common law (such as ship hijacking). It includes amendments to the Aviation Security Act of 1962 and the Merchant Shipping Act of 1970.