Can Ear Eczema Cause Tinnitus?

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Eczema in the ear can cause tinnitus, an annoying, constant ringing of the ears. Tinnitus prevention is one reason why it is important to get ear eczema treated as soon as possible.


Eczema in the ear canal or outer ear causes a terrible itchy feeling. The person then keeps scratching at it to relive the itch. The scratching winds up causing an inflammation that can contribute to causing tinnitus.


The symptoms of eczema in the ears are very similar to psoriasis in the ears. Both leave red, itchy and scaly skin. A doctor needs to determine what skin condition is bothering the ears in order to provide the proper medication.


Ear eczema or ear psoriasis can cause inflammation and thickening of the skin, which can narrow the ear canals. When this happens, ear wax cannot drain properly, which can also contribute to tinnitus.

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