Greenkeeper Job Description

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A greenkeeper cares for and maintains a golf course. There are many responsibilities associated with the position, including caring for plants, managing pests and maintaining the game aspects of the course.


A greenkeeper position does not require formal education past high school. A greenkeeper should have training as an apprentice, along with experience in other horticultural jobs.


A greenkeeper must care for the turf grass of the golf course. This includes seeding, watering, weeding and fertilising the grass. The greenkeeper must also mow and aerate the turf to ensure proper growth and grass height.


A greenkeeper assists in any course expansion project. This could include altering the landscaping or creating hills and sand traps. The greenkeeper needs a thorough knowledge of the irrigation systems of the field, should they need alteration during construction.

Golf Course

It is the responsibility of the greenkeeper to set up the golf course, which includes moving the holes and the hole markers and putting up signs that identify hazards.


The greenkeeper is responsible for the maintenance of any trees, shrubs or flowers on the course and for the management of any pest issues. This responsibility requires knowledge of gardening tools, products and safety.

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