Food for the Spleen

Image by, courtesy of Andy Roberts

Although many theories exist surrounding the notion that certain foods nourish specific body organs, Chinese medicine maintains the concept of nourishing organs, including the spleen, with selected foods.

Favoured Foods

According to Chinese medicine, the spleen responds well to the natural sweetness in grains and root vegetables, such as rice, wheat, oats, leeks, onions, squash, pumpkins, parsnips, beets and sweet potatoes. Also, the spleen favours easily digestible foods like stews or soups as opposed to raw or cold food. If raw or cold food is eaten, thoroughly chew it to increase its temperature.

Fruits & Sweets

If consuming sweets and fruits, eat them separately from the main meals, preferably as between-meal snacks. This makes digestion easier on the spleen.


Liquids consumed with food don't agree with the spleen. Ideally, drink liquids between meals.

Favourite Colors

Based on the Chinese system of correspondences, yellow, orange and red foods, such as squash, red lentils and carrots, are supportive to the spleen's functions.

Soothing Aromas

The spleen works best when it is soothingly stimulated. Using aromatic herbs and spices prevents the spleen from becoming stagnant.