How Long Do Canaries Live in Captivity?

Canaries are members of the finch family and originated from the Canary Islands. There are three types of domestic canaries: colour canaries, song canaries and type canaries. They are bred for specific characteristics.


Female canaries that have been bred in captivity have an average lifespan of five to six years. Male canaries can live up to 10 years in captivity.


To extend the life of your canary, feed it a diet consisting of canary seeds or pellets. Ensure they are vitamin-coated seeds. Supplemental foods that canaries eat include fruits, vegetables and egg biscuits. Providing a source of calcium, such as a cuttlebone, ensures a strong beak and strong eggshell development. Grit should be included in the diet to aid in digestion.


Canaries that are well cared for live longer. A dish with water should be placed on the bottom of the cage to allow the canary to bathe once a week. Clipping the nails of the canary is recommended as well.


Canaries need adequate space to thrive. The cage should be roomy, have a perch, and have space for food and water dishes.


The canary housing shouldn't be in the path of drafts or direct sunlight. Daytime temperatures should be 15.5-21 degrees C, and the nighttime temperatures shouldn't drop below 4.44 degrees Celsius.

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