The disadvantages of wood burning stoves

There are many stove options on the market today, but old fashioned wood burning stoves remain a common choice. While they succeed at providing warmth without electricity, wood burning stoves have some disadvantages.


While modern options such as gas stoves require homeowners to simply flip a switch, wood burning stoves require wood chunks to be consistently added in order to keep the heat coming.


Wood burning stoves are messy, as they leave behind a lot of ashes and residue. They require consistent cleaning in order to stay sanitary.


It is a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to clear out the creosote build-up that occurs in wood stoves after each winter. This necessary professional maintenance can lead to additional costs.


Some wood burning stoves create excessive emissions when used, which is bad for the environment. It is best to ensure that a wood burning stove is EPA certified before using it.


Newer stoves such as gas models require venting, but are much easier to install than wood burning stoves, which require that a chimney be present.