Fatigue & Left Arm Pain

Cardiopulmonary problems cause left arm pain with fatigue, signalling a life-altering event. It is helpful to remember that other, less harmful conditions produce the same symptoms. If your left arm pain and fatigue is frequent, contact your doctor.

Heart Disease

According to the Mayo Clinic, a narrowing heart valve (aortic valve stenosis) and heart failure cause fatigue and left arm pain as the heart struggles to circulate blood. If swelling, sudden weight gain and shortness of breath are present, seek medical help.


Left arm pain may point to a left shoulder rotator cuff tear. Neck injuries (whiplash and herniated cervical discs) can trigger radiating pain in either arm. Muscle spasms and sleepless nights add to the fatigue created by pain generated by the tear.


Left arm pain and fatigue with fever, swelling and redness suggests bone infection (osteomyelitis). Doctors perform surgery to drain pockets of infection from the area and remove any diseased bone (debridement surgery).


Degenerative joint disease in the left shoulder, left elbow and wrist triggers pain and fatigue. Barometric changes can intensify symptoms with added stiffness and muscle pain.


Playing an instrument for hours causes pain and fatigue. Trombones, violins and violas use muscles in the left arm for stability while playing. Taking frequent breaks helps relax muscles, but limiting the number of practice hours each day reduces muscle cramping and prevents fatigue from becoming burn out.