Fireplace & chimney construction

Fireplaces are a great addition to any house, as they produce a one-of-a-kind environment. Proper fireplace and chimney construction is essential to avoid smoke and carbon monoxide build-up within the home.


Fires that burn within the controlled space of a fireplace are much harder to control than outdoor fires. Proper chimney design is essential so that the smoke goes where it is supposed to.


When constructing a chimney for a fireplace, the chimney must be the proper height. If the chimney is too low, the smoke of the fire will be pushed down by prevailing winds. If it is too high, the smoke will never make it out of the chimney.


When building a fireplace or chimney, pay attention to building codes and the materials in use. Houses can burn down from defective chimney design, so a professional should be consulted before construction begins.


New homes are built in such a way that they are considerably more airtight than older homes. This will be a problem when constructing a fireplace. Fires need air to burn properly, and if your home is airtight, you may need to construct a chimney that sucks the needed air down towards the fire.

Fun Fact

Gas fireplaces are much easier to construct than wood-burning fireplaces. This is because the gas allows the fire to burn in a much more controlled and uniform manner.

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