The Disadvantages of Exercise on the Skeletal System

While there are many advantages of exercise for the human body, there can be a few disadvantages as well, especially for the skeletal system.

Importance of Exercise

It is important to exercise to maintain a healthy heart, a good weight, and proper circulation. Certain exercises can also help to prevent bone loss and muscle loss. However, other exercises can cause serious stress to the bones.


A fracture occurs when the stresses placed on the bone are more than what the bone can tolerate. In exercise this can occur by applying too much weight to the bone or by repetitive bouncing on the bone.

Bone Spurs

Bone injuries that are not properly treated can result in bone spurts. Bone spurs are calcified areas of bone that stick out and can cause serious pain when pressure is placed upon them. Bone spurs caused by exercise are most commonly found in the feet.

Back Pain

While some back pain may be muscle related, other back pain is caused by a misalignment of the back bones due to slippage when lifting weights. Improper weightlifting can cause back pain and damage to the back bones.


Arthritis can be caused by several factors. When the stresses placed on the joints from routine exercise are higher than what the joints can take, arthritis can result. This can be brought on by exercise weight being added to the joint or repetitive bouncing or jumping during aerobic classes.


Employing proper lifting procedures and following doctor's advice can help prevent any skeletal damage while exercising. The use of a personal trainer can also help prevent damage to the skeletal system while exercising.

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