Dog Grooming Clippers Vs. Human Clippers

Image by, courtesy of Paul Downey

Many people frequently ask if there is a difference between clippers designed for a pet and clippers designed for humans, and the answer is a resounding "yes." Even though they might look similar, there are distinct differences.


It's important to know there are differences between the various types of human and pet clippers. The more inexpensive the clipper, whether for pet or human hair, the more likely it is that they will not stand up to hard use.

Pet Clippers

Pet clippers, designed for cutting through thick, sometimes matted, fur tend to need higher motor speeds than clippers designed for human hair. In addition, they tend to be used for more prolonged periods than those designed for human hair.

Human Hair Clippers

Clippers that are designed for human hair tend to be lighter and more ergonomic. In addition, they run quieter, since their motors are not as powerful.

Home Vs. Professional

While many people might be tempted to buy a less expensive "home" kit rather than the more costly "professional" models, it's advisable to spend the extra money. The more expensive models tend to be much more powerful, reliable and rugged.

Battery Operated

Both pet clippers and human clippers are available in battery-powered models. However, due to power usage, it is recommended that these not be used. According to groomer Linda Kane of Bark 'N Bubbles Grooming Salon, "The battery powered models tend to run out of juice much too quickly, and I wind up having to use my electric clippers."

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