Corn silk uses in dogs

Corn silk is an herbal remedy for incontinence and can be used for humans and dogs. Incontinence is the inability to control the bladder and tends to happen to older dogs as they age. Incontinence can manifest as constant dribbling or as larger accidents.


Corn silk has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe an irritated urinary tract. Corn silk can also help filter toxins, dissolve uric crystal deposits from kidneys and clear stones from the urinary tract.


Corn silk contains high levels of potassium, which contributes to its diuretic properties and helps transport more waste from the body by creating more urine.


The astringent properties of corn silk work to tone and strengthen the smooth muscles of the bladder to help restore bladder control for the dog.


Corn silk comes as a capsule or powder, or you can grow your own corn and harvest the silk. A medium-size dog would take half the recommended human dosage (if you are using a product designated for humans).


According to Holistic Animal Care Consultant Kathleen Berard, corn silk has no effect on bladder infections, so your vet needs to rule out the presence of bacterium or viruses in the urinary tract before you try corn silk.