What are the treatments for creosote skin burn?

Creosote is a chemical that is made by burning wood or coal and has a colourless and greasy look. If this chemical touches your skin, it can cause great discomfort and a chemical burn.

Easy Treatment

Applying Preparation H to the affected area is one quick remedy you can use to treat a creosote burn. This will relieve the itching and burning.


When the burn first appears, run it under water for 20 minutes to clean the area and cool it. You can also apply an ice pack to the burn after cleaning it to relieve pain.

Petroleum Jelly

You can apply petroleum jelly to the area if it is not an open wound. This will protect it from air and anything else that may irritate the area.


Upon contact, visit a physician as soon as possible. A doctor can clean it properly to assure that all the creosote is off the skin.


A doctor can also prescribe medicated ointments and creams to treat the creosote burn. These creams can increase healing time or relieve more symptoms.

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