Odaban side effects

Odaban is an antiperspirant that helps control sweating or hyperhidrosis, specifically underarm and hand sweating. Although Odaban is not known to have any general side effects with normal use, it may cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

How It Works

Odaban is a spray-on substance that works by blocking the sweat glands, causing a drying effect on normally sweaty areas of the skin.


The main ingredient in Odaban is aluminium chloride, which is dissolved in ethyl alcohol that contains a protective silicone which is not likely to cause skin irritations.

Known Side Effects

Odaban is not known to have any side effects because the formulation prevents harmful substances from entering the body. However, if Odaban is overused a side effect may include a skin rash and sore skin.

Potential Side Effects

Like with all drugs, some people experience different reactions. A side effect to Odaban potentially could be extreme dryness to the skin.

How to Use Odaban

Odaban should be applied sparingly and should be applied before bedtime. Odaban does not stain clothes.