Diseases of honeysuckle vine

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The honeysuckle vine is a very hardy plant that does well in almost any soil, except clay-based or heavy clay dirt. However, there are still some diseases and pests that you need to look out for when owning a honeysuckle vine.

Mildews and moulds

The honeysuckle vine needs a lot of ventilation. The plant will easily grow powdery mildew and sooty mould when there is not enough air circulation. Plant the honeysuckle vine in an open air, where there is plenty of air movement.


Aphids are drawn to the honeysuckle vine because it is so sweet and is similar to sweets for them. They will eat the leaves, especially the newly forming leaves. Spray the plant with a hose to knock the aphids off.

Branch cankers

Cankers are caused by bacteria and fungus. Such as the mould and mildew that affects the honeysuckle vine, when the problem is not dealt with, the branches can develop cankers that will kill the branches.

Leaf scorch and tatter

Leaves can become scorched from fertilisation and over-watering during peak heat. The leaves will turn brown and withered. Leaf tatter is just the opposite -- it is when the weather has warmed up for new leaves to sprout, but there is still cold weather and the leaves become frost bitten or frozen.

Enviromental stresses

Environmental stresses can help to develop many problems. Over-fertilising, over- and under-watering, incorrect soils, dirt and mulch, and the use of lawnmowers and trimmers can add to the plant's stress.

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