Signs & Symptoms of Parathyroid Disease

The parathyroid controls the body's amount of serum calcium. Because of this, when parathyroid disease was first identified in 1925, it was referred to as "moans, groans, stones and bones." When the symptoms are listed, it is clear to see why.

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Osteoporosis, an inability to keep up bone repair, and osteopenia, loss of minerals in bones, are key indicators of parathyroid disease--both are caused by the parathyroid not doing its main job.

Kidney Stones

With the calcium not going to the bones due to the parathyroid disease, it has to end up somewhere. That somewhere is in the kidneys, and becomes kidney stones.

Blood Pressure

The body starts to have problems controlling the blood pressure. Blood pressure will vary from low to high. Sometimes these spikes can be quite extreme.

Bone Pain

Bone pain is a general pain in the bones. It can lead to sleeplessness and fatigue.

Mental Clarity

Memory starts to fail and irritability grows. Things once easy to remember are now easily forgotten. Often this is accompanied by headaches.