23rd Birthday Party Ideas

While turning 23 may not be a huge milestone in someone's life, it's still a great reason to bring friends together to celebrate. Creating the perfect 23rd birthday bash doesn't have to be difficult. With the perfect theme and a little effort, it's simple to create a party that guests will remember for years to come.

Hip Hop Theme

For those who love to dance, a hip hop theme will make a memorable party. Invitations that resemble backstage passes are simple to create with a computer and a photo program. First create a rectangle that is 4 inches by 7 inches, and fill it in with any colour that will complement the party colour scheme. Then, add a square picture of the guest of honour to the top of it. Type in the important party information below the picture, and be sure to tell guests to dress in their best hip hop clothes. Baggy shirts, baggy trousers and tennis shoes will make a great outfit for a hip hop themed party. On the side of the invitation, create a strip that runs lengthwise from top to bottom and fill it in with the colour black. On that strip type the words "Backstage Pass," and turn the words sideways to make sure it fits. Using white lines in different widths, create a bar code and place it at the top of the black strip to make the invitation look more authentic. Invitations can be delivered in a lanyard, so guests can wear their backstage passes around their necks. As guests arrive give them sunglasses, fake gold chains and fake gold rings to wear throughout the night as party favours.

Decorating for a hip hop themed party is simple. Hang large posters featuring various hip hop artists on the walls. Cardboard cut outs of stars also can be used to add to the ambience. Hip hop has gone through many transformations over the years, and includes things like graffiti and break dancing. Incorporating various parts of hip hop into the decor will not only complement the theme, but provide additional entertainment for the party guests as well. On one wall, hang large sheets of butcher paper and have cups filled with Sharpie markers in various colours. Allow guests to use these markers to create their own graffiti throughout the night. Hip hop stars like elegance, so the decor should resemble a party stars would attend. Use strands of white Christmas lights as the main source of lighting, and consider having a disco ball hanging over the dance area. Purchase white balloons, streamers and table linens to decorate the area. Serve food in bowls that look like crystal, and allow guests to drink beverages from champagne glasses. If the budget allows, have an open bar for guests who choose to drink alcoholic beverages. For additional table decorations, scatter fake diamonds on the table top along with candles on crystal candle sticks.

Hire a DJ or have a friend or family member control the music for the evening. In addition to popular club music, include hits from the past. Guests will enjoy hearing songs from artists like Michael Jackson, Bel Biv Devoe and TLC. For added entertainment, hire a professional to teach guests various break dancing moves or hold a dance competition and allow guests to challenge each other to see who has the best moves.

80s Theme

An 80s theme is not only an easy theme to create, but it is one guests are sure to enjoy. In addition to the important party information on the invitations, be sure to tell guests to dress in their best 80s costumes. Women can wear skirts with leggings under them and belly shirts. Men can wear jean jackets and a concert T-shirts. For party favours, give guests glow necklaces and fluorescent hats as they arrive at the party.

Decorations should complement the decade as well. Balloons, streamers and table linens in fluorescent pink, yellow and green will instantly give the room an 80s look. Black lights will help set off the fluorescent colours. In addition to the party favours given at the door, set bowls of jelly bracelets, slap bracelets and glow sticks around the room. Not only will it add to the decor, but the guests will have fun playing with them as well. Hang posters of popular stars from the 80s around the room, and have a TV set up to play old music videos with the sound muted. A fog machine will add a great special effect to the dance area as well. For entertainment, play various songs from the 80s and let guests dance the night away.

Toga Party

A toga party is a fun theme for a 23rd birthday bash. Send invitations telling guests a toga is required. Guests can purchase togas from a costume store or they can easily make one out of a sheet. Keep extra sheets on hand in case guests arrive who are not in proper toga attire. Keep decorations to a minimum, with streamers, balloons and table linens in coordinating colours. A TV can be set up to play the movie Animal House in the background to get guests in the mood for a wild party. Keep food to a minimum as well; in fact, simply serving chips and dip is fine. Alcohol, preferably kegs of beer, is the main focus of a toga party and should be randomly placed throughout the party area. To entertain guests, make sure there is a large dance area, and turn the music up so the guests can enjoy the night.

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