Fun Date Ideas for Couples

Sometimes it's hard to break out of a rut and try new things as a couple. When asked, "What do you want to do," many people will find themselves answering, "I don't know.

" Without having to spend a lot of money, couples can modify familiar activities and take advantage of neighbourhood events to create memorable dates.

Movie Themes

Choose a movie theme and select several movies to watch back to back. Themes can include horror, science fiction, spaghetti westerns or cult films. Pop popcorn and settle in for your movie adventures. Rate each film, and check the Internet to see how your opinions compare to others.

Drive-In Theater

Experience movies at the closest drive-in theatre. Arrive early to see people arrive, to take a walk, or to hang out in the playground. Set up chairs near the car or in your truck bed. Visit the snack bar and enjoy snacks you normally wouldn't try.

Nature Walk

Plan a one hour walk on the green way or other nearby nature trail. Buy new water bottles for your favourite sports drinks or water, and wear hats and sunglasses to protect against the sun. Time the walk to see if going out took as long as returning. Take photographs of animals, birds and flowers.

Local Music

Scour your community newspaper for local bands scheduled to play in nearby venues. Research the music online and together choose which band to hear. Arrive early and share an appetizer. Introduce yourselves to band members, buy compact discs or T-shirts and get autographs.

Bookstore/Coffee Shop

Go to your local bookstore, preferably one with a coffee stand. Each person should select one of the first books seen when entering the store and a few favourite magazines. Order your favourite speciality coffee or tea and discuss your reading.

Wine Tasting

Buy a book or go online and research wines. Create a list of those you'd like to try, and purchase the top three on the list. Arrange a variety of cheeses and crackers on a serving platter, place a tablecloth on your patio table, and relax and have a wine tasting in the cool night air.