Symptoms of Mites in Cats

Ear mites are a common cause of feline ear infections. Ear mites are very contagious and should be diagnosed as soon as possible. There are several outward signs of ear mites in cats.


Ear mites are irritating to your cat and will cause them to scratch. Constant scratching can lead to ruptured blood vessels. Ear mites can cause a bacterial or yeast infection. Resulting infections may cause damaged eardrums which can lead to deafness.


Symptoms of ear mites in cats include constant head shaking, excess scratching and dark odorous ear wax. Your cat's ears may appear red or irritated. You may see a black coffee grounds-like debris coating the cat's ears.


Kittens and younger cats are more likely to contract ear mites than adult cats.


Not all cats will display signs of ear mites. A regular ear cleaning will help lessen the chance for ear mite infestation. There are other causes of cat ear irritation, and a diagnosis of ear mites should be made by your veterinarian prior to using any home remedies.


Ear mites are very contagious. If one animal in your household has mites, then all other pets are likely to be infested, and should be treated.

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