What happens when you don't pay a speeding ticket?

There is never a good time to get a speeding ticket, and as such, many people either can't afford the fine at the time, or avoid paying it altogether. The sooner you pay your speeding ticket, the better it works out for you. You can always contest a ticket, but if it turns out you have to pay, pay as fast as you can.

More Money

Failure to pay a parking ticket can raise the cost of the ticket. The court can increase the amount of money you owe, so, the longer you take to pay, the more you'll wind up paying.


Failure to pay a speeding ticket could result in misdemeanour criminal charges being levied against you. The charges could be anything from a failure to pay a citation, or even a contempt of court. These charges will also bring about an additional fee to the fee of your ticket.

Arrest Warrant

If you are charged with misdemeanour charges, for not paying your ticket, the court is entitled to issue a warrant for your arrest. A judge will sentence you, and sentencing can include jail time, but is generally just community service hours.

Discontinued Registration

Failure to pay your speeding ticket could result in a lapsed registration. Invalid vehicle registration makes it illegal for you to drive your car, and could result in greater fines, and having your vehicle impounded, should you continue to drive anyway.


If you are pulled over with an unpaid speeding ticket on your record, the officer has a right to impound your vehicle. You will be left with a fine, a fee to rescue your car, and the original speeding ticket fine.