Can you paint the inside of a bath tub?

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If you have nicks, scratches or stains in your bathtub, you may decide that it is time to replace it. However, if the tub is still in good condition despite the cosmetic defects, and all of the hardware and fixtures are still good, painting the bathtub may be an option.

This is often a more cost effective solution than replacing a bathtub, which as of May 2009, averages around £975 including plumbing work, the tub, tiling and sealing.


There are three main types of paint that can be used to repaint a bathtub: roll-on, spray-on and spa. Each of these three has specific benefits: roll-on bathtub paint is the most cost effective, spray-on is faster to apply than the other two types, and spa paint can withstand higher heat than spray-on or roll-on.


When you repaint a bathtub the paint is less durable than the original bathtub---this is true for both DIY and professional repaint jobs. You must take care not to scratch the paint, which means you can't use abrasive cleaners or place sharp objects in the tub.


When you repaint a bathtub, you must clean it, sand it, prime it, paint it, seal it and then allow it to cure. Overall, the process may mean you can't use the bathtub for 48 hours to two weeks, depending on the product used.


Bathtub paint is available in numerous colours. However, the most common colours are white, off-white, grey, black and blue.


Painting a bathtub is less expensive than purchasing a new tub because, as of May of 2009, do-it-yourself tub refinishing kits cost around £48 and professional refinishing is around £130 per bathtub.