How Much Should Gutters Cost?

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The primary types of gutter materials are: PVC, aluminium, wood, galvanised steel, steel and copper. As of 2010, per linear foot it cost: £1.

90 to £3 for PVC; £2 to £5 for aluminium; £7 to £13 for wood; £2 to £5 for galvanised steel; £5 to £6 for steel and £9 to £16 for copper gutter installations, according to Cost Helper.

Additional Fees

Expect to pay for downspouts and waste material removal separately from the gutter installation. In 2010, downspouts ranged £3 to £130 each. At least one is required, according to Cost Helper. Waste material removal cost £26 to £65 per project.

Bottom Line

In 2010, gutters cost £31 to £211 per linear square foot for installation, one downspout and waste removal when the project is complete, according to Cost Helper. Contractors typically include the cost of removing existing gutters as part of the installation fee.