How Much Should My English Bulldog Weigh?

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The average weight of an English bulldog, also known just as a bulldog, is from 22.7 to 24.9 Kilogram, with females weighing less than males. The average weight is based on the average height of a bulldog.

However, individual bulldogs may be taller or shorter than the average height of 12 to 16 inches high at the top of the shoulder.

Look From Above and Below

Although bulldogs are very stocky, they should have a slight waist or indentation between their bellies and their hind legs. The bottom line of their bellies should never hang below their knees. Overweight bulldogs are more prone to health problems and need to go to the vet.

Bottom Line

Bulldogs with ribs showing are far too thin and need to go to the vet. Bulldogs that are too fat tend to have breathing and coordination problems. They also need to go to the vet. Bulldogs have large appetites and will eat even when they are not hungry, which makes them more at risk of becoming overweight.