Production technologist duties

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Production technologists are employed on oil and gas wells and are responsible for designing wells that help optimise the production of oil and gas. Duties include deciding where wells are to be placed and designing well architecture using the latest technology. Education required is usually a B.

Sc degree in Engineering and having previous experience working in the oilfields is advantageous.

Optimising Production

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Production technologists enhance the production of oil or petrolium wells through the targeted use of technology. Responsibilities include monitoring and evaluating the well, facilities and field performance. They identify poor performance areas and propose solutions in the form of models and charts to illustrate how production can be enhanced by making certain technical alterations to the well's design.

Design and Construction of Wells

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A production technologist initiates the design of oil wells and is involved with the constructing wells that increase well inflow performance. Operating departments depend on advice from production technologists on how to deal with certain physical constraints to the well such as sand, water, scaling potential, gas production and corrosion potential. They provide models to illustrate the best possible solutions to work around the physical constraints.

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The production technologist is responsible for preparing flow models and lift curves for wells and other production systems. You use software to simulate and predict well performance with the aim to optimise inflow of oil or gas. Production technologists must stay up to date on new technology and software and incorporate it to improve the well's effectiveness.

Working Conditions

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Production technologists are required to travel to various oilfields to design and oversee the creation of new wells and to analyse the productivity of existing wells. Production technologists should be prepared to be on call in case of technical emergencies.

Production technologists are responsible for supervising, mentoring, motivating and developing junior staff. They ensure that every aspect of production adheres to government regulations, and they supervise the staff to see that regulations are obeyed.