Mesobolin Side Effects

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Anabolic steroids attempt to reproduce male sex hormones. Bodybuilders and athletes often improve athletic performance and build muscle with anabolic steroid usage, despite the fact that they are neither legal nor safe, according to Medicine Plus.

Mesobolinan is a legal, non-prescription steroid alternative and not an anabolic steroid.


Mesobolin contains two Russian and two Hungarian agents. The Russian ingredients are Ajuga Turkestanica and 5 beta cholest-6 on-7-ene, derived from the plant that produces an anabolic agent Turkesterone. Clinical studies documented these two substances to stimulate protein synthesis. The Hungarian agents are 5-methoxy-isoflavone and 7-ipriflavone. The two agents aid in muscle development and strengthen bones and tendons.

How Mesobolin Works

Through its Turkesterone components, synthesis of fast and slow twitch muscle fibre proteins increases.Body weight increases due to muscle growth. Bones and connective tissue strengthen due to calcium and phosphate retention and an increase of nutrient delivery to the muscles. The Hungarian components assist delivery of nutrients from protein and carbohydrates eaten directly to the muscles. They also block oestrogen and retain calcium typically lost during intense weight training in the muscle cells.


Mesobolin does not hinder the natural production of testosterone in the body, but instead, enhances it. The supplement does not produce the side effects that are typical with anabolic steroids such as acne and cysts, breast growth, heart problems, liver damage or aggressive behaviour, according to Medicine Plus. This is because Mesobolin is created from plant-derived anabolic ingredients. The product claims to produce as much as 9.07 Kilogram of muscle in as little as six weeks. It is also legal without a prescription. claims this product will enable users to get both extremely lean and extremely big.


Although marketed as having no side effects, information available on the product as of 2010 is limited. Users should “hit the protein hard and heavy” when taking Mesobolin since the increased manufacturing of muscle will consume base protein amounts, according to The toll-free number listed on directs callers to Mesobolin's manufacturer, Primal Muscle. Customer service representatives recommend taking four capsules daily if the user weighs less than 90.7 Kilogram and six capsules daily if the user weighs more than 90.7 Kilogram. Sold in bottles of 100 pills, the product lasts average users between 16 and 25 days.


Mesobolin retails for £110.4 per bottle of 100 capsules on Primal Muscle promotes the product as “a new classification of anabolic steroids without any steroidal side effects,” and the cost is comparable to other items sold on the website. Phone order price could differ from online price. A promotional price in September 2010 offered any four bottles of Primal Muscle product for £194. This drops the cost from £1.10 per pill to 80p per pill. Even at the promotional price and minimal recommended dose, cost of taking the supplement is over £3 per day. Preferred protein price also affects the overall cost since the product suggests drastically increasing protein intake.