What do small green pepper plants look like?

black pepper plant image by jme from Fotolia.com

Pepper plants are common household and house garden vegetable plants. The peppers the plant produces can be picked either when they are immature or mature for different flavours, and homeowners can buy different varieties to produce different types of peppers.

Growing peppers from seeds can be a challenge in some climates, but green peppers and pepper plants that produce them share qualities homeowners can use to ensure the plant is growing healthily.

First Stages of Growth

In the beginning, a small pepper plant will product only a single shoot from the seed. Some pepper plants take many weeks to develop even this far, and require consistent heat and moisture before they sprout. In this smallest stage, the pepper plant will produce only two branching leaves.

Young Pepper Plants

Small, young pepper plants will eventually produce more leaves, sprouting two at a time. These leaves will branch out and grow broad as the pepper plant continues to sprout. A small pepper plant may have only a few "layers" of leaves. The larger the pepper plant, the higher it will grow, with a single stalk and many leaf layers--this is one of the easiest ways to tell the age of the plant.

Pepper Leaves

Green pepper leaves in the youngest and smallest plants will be a light green. However, this colour quickly turns as the seedling begins to sprout more leaves, and the small pepper plant will have dark green leaves throughout. If the pepper plant does not have dark green leaves, then its small size may be caused by a fungus or disease. Yellowish or lighter leaves can indicate a disease or nutritional problems.

Green Chili Peppers

Chilli peppers are only green when they are small and immature; as the peppers develop, they eventually turn red in colour. However, green chilli peppers are popular and are often harvested for specific dishes--the flavour and intensity of the pepper changes as it changes colour. So, small chilli peppers resemble red peppers, but are about an inch or so shorter and are coloured green, slightly lighter than the pepper plant leaves.

Green Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can grow into several different colours, including red, yellow and orange. However, like other peppers, bell peppers are green only when they are small and immature, so young peppers will naturally be a green shade. Growers tend to pick green bell peppers when they reach a certain size, but before they turn colours. Many growers prefer green bell peppers when they are 3 to 4 inches long and firm to the touch.