Party Host Job Description

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A wealth of businesses, from restaurants to amusement parks, offer parties. These events take place on-site, and feature a range of games and activities designed to entertain a group of children or adults who are celebrating a special event such as a birthday or graduation.

The party host is employed by the venue to organise as well as run the event, and deal with any problems that arise during the party.


A big part of being a party host is meeting and greeting. When the party's guests arrive at the venue, the party host is the person who greets them, shows them to their tables and so on, according to the Stonefire Pizza Co. website. These hosting duties will likely extend to making sure that guests are comfortable and catered for at all times---should a guest need to visit the bathroom, the party host will be on hand to point him in the right direction, or should a child guest want a drink, the party host will be ready with a bottle of soda.

Often the party host takes a hands-on role during the party itself, organising and leading activities such as children's games.


A party won't happen by itself---after receiving a booking, the party host will be chiefly responsible for ensuring that the area of the venue being used for the party is all ready for the guests. This can involve rearranging furniture as well as making sure that the venue is thoroughly cleaned and presentable.

In some cases, as described by the Atlantis Marine World website, this might also involve preparing any necessary equipment and putting it in the right place, or arranging for entertainers or performers to appear at the correct point in the party.

Caring For Guests

According to the Atlantis Marine World website, a major part of a party host's role is to ensure that not only are party guests catered for, but that they are also safe at all times. This could involve completing risk assessments and relevant paperwork before or after an event, as well as keeping an eye out during the event in case of trouble.


Since events can take place both during the day and in the evening, the party host must be flexible and be prepared to work shifts at any point during the week, according to the Atlantis Marine World website.


The party host must enjoy working with both children and adults, and be able to communicate effectively with both, particularly with children, since much of the host's job will involve talking directly to minors. The party host must possess patience and good customer service skills, since he must keep a clear head if anything goes wrong and be able to deal effectively with questions and complaints that crop up. Enthusiasm is a must, too; the party host has to make sure that the guests are having a great time and feel welcome.