Job description of a diabetic nurse

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A diabetic nurse is a specialised health practitioner who focuses on managing the health conditions of her diabetic patients. Nurse practitioners have generally taken advanced courses in pharmacology (the affect of drugs on the body), pathophysiology (disease states) as well as health assessment.

Diabetic nurses are required to have at least two years nursing experience as a registered nurse. Certain employers may require that diabetic nurses have a Master of Science nursing degree and be certified in diabetic education.

General Support

Diabetic nurses help assist the physician in creating a specialised care plan aimed to support a person's individual diagnosis and treatment option. They also provide general support to patients and their caregivers. These types of specialised nurses can be apart of a specialised health care group or work for health clinics, hospitals, or primary doctor's offices.

Patient Care

One of the main responsibilities of a diabetic nurse is to constantly manage the health condition of their patient. Providing care can come in the form of monitoring insulin levels, administering medication, supervising exercise regimens and managing diet and food choices.


Diabetic nurses can legally prescribe and adjust medication because they have the educational background and certification. Practitioners have the power to not only recommend drugs with the approval of a doctor, but to recommend other forms of treatments such as therapeutic procedures. A diabetic nurse practitioner may also disclose a patient’s case with their physician to ensure that the patient gets his or her best comprehensive care plan.


Performing physical assessments and running health examinations allows for the diabetes nurse practitioner to actively manage his patient’s health. His main role includes administering blood glucose level tests to keep track of his patient’s insulin levels which aids in preventing the patient's diabetes from worsening.

Facilitate Support

A diabetic nurse carefully reviews and assesses each of his patients' cases to determine their best treatment options. Practitioners can set up and arrange support group meetings that can come in the form of general heath classes on diabetes, diabetes management courses, seminars on diet plans or specialised exercise regimes suited for diabetic patients. Diabetic nurses may advocate or recommend that their patients attend these informative support groups as a way to help them gain knowledge on how to manage their condition.