What Is the Role of a Nursery Nurse?

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Nursery nurses help qualified teachers in nursery schools and infant classes in the United Kingdom. They are typically employed by schools, day nurseries, family care centres, privately run nurseries and hospitals. A nursery nurse may also be employed in a family home.

The average salary of a nursery nurse as of April 2010 is 14,000 British pounds (approximately £13,650 US) according to SalaryTrack.


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A nursery nurse is a definitive term primarily used for childcare facilities in the United Kingdom. Similar positions in the United States include day care workers who look after infants and teaching roles in kindergarten schooling.


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The main duty of a nursery nurse is to assist children with their social and educational development. A nursery nurse assists children with their learning activities through one-on-one tuition and group teaching methods. She also helps children with their play activities by providing a supportive environment whereby children are actively encouraged to interact with other children and pursue their imaginative impulses.


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A nursery nurse is not required to be a university graduate. The main U.K. qualification for a nursery nurse is the National Nursery Nurse Examination Board (NNEB) Diploma in Nursery Nursing. This qualification covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is available as a two-year course for full-time students and typically takes three to four years, if studied part-time. The diploma is awarded by the Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education (CACHE).

Skills and Experience

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Dependant on the role, a nursery nurse may need previous experience working with children. She should also possess excellent communication skills as she will be expected to update parents on their children's progress. She also communicates with community workers to assess educational and care needs and ensure they are consistently provided for.

Main Duties

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If assigned to care for young children, a nursery nurse may be resposiblle for feeding and washing duties. She also keeps records of daily activities and reports any disruptive activity or accidents that occur. A nursery nurse also adheres to any policies and procedures of the institution regarding education and educational methods.

Nursery nurses assist new children integrate into classroom proceedings by helping them interact with other children. They also provide specialist support to "key children", as indicated on the Caleeda website. Key children may have learning difficulties or a tendency towards disruptive behaviour.