Canvasser job description

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A canvasser is an individual who goes door to door or uses the telephone to contact potential customers or registered voters.

Canvassers essentially engage in campaigning with the goal of soliciting votes for a political party, purchases for a company, public opinions or even citizens' participation in a special-cause organisation. Canvassers can be volunteers or full- or part-time employees. Paid canvassers usually make about £5 an hour, according to Rick Grosso, a sales expert.


Canvassers must establish regular goals in an effort to enhance the number of customer leads a company or program receives, or the number of voters a political party receives. Their goal centres on helping a company reach its sales goals, increasing participation in a program or helping a political party acquire a target number of votes. They explain a company's or organisation products, services or mission and try to persuade individuals to become involved and support its efforts or buy their products, according to Alaska Waste, which provides waste and recycling services. Those working for a company then might enlist interested customers for service.

Other Responsibilities

When relaying company information to potential or current customers, canvassers must stay current on changes in the company's services and products and know the company's policies, according to Window Works in California, which sells replacement windows and doors. They often attend company informational meetings. In politics, paid canvassers also might have to recruit, train and manage volunteers, according to the Iowa Democratic Party. Canvassers can additionally help plan and implement fund-raising activities, according to One Iowa Education Fund and


Canvassers must have strong written and verbal communication skills as well as interpersonal communication skills. They also must remain organised and accurate when recording their canvassing activities or maintaining their canvassing materials. Canvassers always must maintain a positive, personable, outgoing and enthusiastic attitude. These individuals must be professional and neat as well as self-directed and able to work well in a team. They might have to do a lot of travelling and should have basic map-reading skills when working door to door.


Canvassers must be prepared to work in all types of weather, which might include ice, snow, rain or wind. They also must be able to complete light physical activities such as standing or walking for long periods of time, along with kneeling, pushing, pulling or regularly bending and twisting the body. Canvassers additionally should be prepared to carry materials that might weigh up to 11.3 Kilogram.


Many companies or programs prefer canvassers who have at least a high school diploma or GED. They also might look for an individual who has previous sales experience or door-to-door canvassing experience. In addition, programs or organisations seek canvassers who have a valid driver's license with proof of insurance and reliable transportation. Political parties or special-cause organisations hire or accept canvassers who have a strong interest in their particular issues as well.