Panasonic television problems

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Japanese electronics maker Panasonic has been producing televisions for sale in the UK for over 30 years. During that time Panasonic TVs have spanned the transition from CRT to LCD technology.

Despite a good reputation for quality and a wide range of products, Panasonic televisions are also known to experience several common problems that owners and potential buyers should be aware of.


Owners of Panasonic televisions have reported a wide range of problems that largely depend on the type of television being discussed. Older CRT televisions may develop picture distortion, especially after a number of years of use. Modern LCD TVs from Panasonic can develop dead pixels, bad picture quality or may fail to remember settings and channel presets. Some owners have also reported audio problems including low volume, sound that is out of sync with the picture, or no audio at all.


In some cases a Panasonic TV can be set right simply by resetting the internal computer. This procedure may involve simply unplugging the television for a specified amount of time, or using the remote to navigate through the settings menu to find the reset option. In other cases physical repairs are called for, which involves opening the heat-sealed casing and replacing wiring, circuitry or the display screen.

Repair costs

The cost of repairing a Panasonic television is as wide-ranging as the types of problems the sets have been known to experience. Repairing a loose connector or replacing a speaker may cost less than £65 at a local repair centre. On the other hand, most major repairs are cost prohibitive and may even exceed the cost of a similar new television, or a working used model. Be sure to check with Panasonic to see if your television is under warranty before contracting any service with a local repair shop.

Warranty terms

All new Panasonic televisions come with a standard factory warranty. This warranty covers many of the most common problems, including sets that fail to function out of the box. Panasonic's warranty extends for 12 months on all TVs and for 18 to 24 months on some larger, higher priced models. Panasonic also offers a concierge service and in-home repairs under certain conditions for all of its current LCD and plasma televisions.

General problems

Another group of problems with Panasonic televisions has to do with general shortcomings or other customer complaints. In some cases, reviewers and customers have cited Panasonic sets as offering inferior picture or sound quality when compared to premium electronics makers like Samsung, Sony and LG. Others have complained of high prices, though Panasonic televisions follow the standard trend of debuting at a higher price point and gradually being discounted as newer products are released.