Doc Martens Shoes & Knee Pain

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Doc Martens is a brand of shoes named after Dr. Klaus Martens, who developed the air-cushioned soles of these shoes to cushion impact on his injured ankle.

Many have patronised this half-century old brand of shoes, praising it not only for its durability and comfort, but also for having relieved pains in the ankle, foot, leg, knee or other body parts. No website was found blaming Doc Martens shoes for any kind of knee pain. There are now more than 70,000 variations of Doc Martens shoes, all designed for different types of activities.

History of Doc Martens

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It took sometime, after Dr. Martens' foot injury in 1945, before the shoes with the air-cushioned soles could be widely produced and sold. In 1960, the German doctor was able to contract the R. Griggs Group of England to produce and distribute the original 1460 model. More models followed, and soon this firm was distributing Doc Martens all over the world. The need for more output in the 1990s saw facilities set up in China and Thailand.

Types of Doc Martens

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Doc Martens footwear categories are shoes, boots, and sandals of various models for men and women. The original shoe of 1960 is described as "eight-eye, oxblood red, smooth leather, with a yellow welt stitch." There are now models with fewer eyes and more eyes. Colours have expanded to include not only basic browns, blacks and whites but also copper, purple, pink. In addition, models called collectibles are kept available for sale.

Users and Uses

Though the 1460 was invented to ease pain, it was the working-classes (factory workers, transport unions and postmen) who bought these as industrial shoes. Then came the rebels and rejects, such as the skinheads of London in the 1960s, who spread their use to Britain, then the rest of the world. By the 1970s, almost anybody wore them, without distinction of class or race. Until today, the old 1460 continues to be used, together with all other Doc Martens shoes.

Pains And Problems

No website was found linking knee pain to Doc Martens shoes or boots or sandals. Most mentions of knees are of Doc Martens knee-high boots. The reason these shoes came about was to relieve pain. Contrary to causing pain, Doc Martens shoes are touted to have pain relief capabilities. The few problems reported were mostly related to breaking in of some of these shoes or to tying the laces on some boots.

Where And How to Get Doc Martens

The website defines which models are available in each of these regions: United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and rest of the world. Orders may be placed by e-mail or by phone, or through stores in London, Paris, Seattle or Portland, Oregon, whose addresses, telephone numbers and store hours may be secured from the same website. U.S. orders may be placed via the website or by calling (800) 810-6673.