Methane gas poisoning symptoms

Odourless methane gas is produced from some simple situations that are commonly found around your home. Potting soil in a plastic bag, rotting food in your kitchen and sewage drainage problems are just the few of the causes of methane gas developing in your home.

It is also a primary gas used in the mixture for heating purposes. This natural gas can also seep into your home through basements. Symptoms are similar to what you experience with the flu.


Headaches are often the first sign of methane gas poisoning. In 1937, a school in New London, Texas blew up when methane gas was ignited by spark from a workman's tool. This blast killed at least 300. The faculty and schoolchildren had headaches in the days before the incident. This was the only symptom that the survivors reported after looking back in time before the explosion. The methane gas had built up and went unnoticed due to lack of any other health complaints.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are one of the symptoms that are caused by methane gas. This is the uncomfortable sensation that the heart is beating rapidly, out of sequence, or abnormally in some other way. People who experience this symptom from exposure to this gas will often be given a clean bill of health after seeking medical attention.


Inattentiveness, poor judgment and memory loss are signs of methane gas poisoning. The more you are exposed to this gas, the more predominant these symptoms become. People who are experiencing these symptoms are often unaware that this is happening until someone recognises this in them and points it out.


Dizziness and fogginess is a symptom of methane gas exposure or poisoning. These symptoms usually appear and worsen the more time you spend in the location that harbours this gas. When spending time away from that environment the symptoms will dissipate. This occurrence is common with this type of poisoning.

Motor Coordination

A decrease in motor coordination often occurs after being exposed to methane gas. It can appear in subtle ways such as a normally unusual number of incidents of knocking things over around your home. Dropping things more than usual and even bumping into things in an environment you are use to.

Flu Like Symptoms

Mental uneasiness lethargy and discomfort are often symptoms that are present for days on end without an explanation. These are also symptoms one experiences with the flu so many times people stay at home and rest, which is of course going to give them more exposure and worsen the symptoms.