Gripe Water Vs. Mylicon


Soothing a crying baby can be difficult to do if you don't know what is wrong. Parents find that sometimes changing a diaper, feeding and bathing a baby doesn't pacify an infant. Babies can suffer from gas or colic, causing them to cry inconsolably.

Two products, gripe water and Mylicon, are credited with alleviating crying babies. While each one is composed very differently from the other, their advantages are very similar.


The purpose of both Mylicon Drops and gripe water is to relieve babies of their gastrointestinal discomforts associated with gas and bloating. Some parents also choose to give their children Mylicon or gripe water for colic, or unexplained crying. Mylicon uses a single active ingredient to alleviate bloating, while gripe water uses a combination of herbs and other natural ingredients to soothe gas pains.

Gripe Water

Gripe water got its name in 1876, when William Woodward created the elixir to sell to the public. However, gripe water is believed to have been around long before then, originating in England. Though Woodward's Gripe Water was the first official brand of gripe water, it is now marketed in many forms and brands, with some people still choosing to make their own homemade versions. Some of the more popular brands of gripe water include Woodward's Gripe Water, Baby's Bliss, and Little Tummies.

It is often used for the relief of gas tension, but is also popular for parents of babies with colic. Gripe water is said to have a calming effect on upset infants. Parents in favour of natural medicine are often prone to giving their children gripe water due to its natural ingredients, including fennel and ginger.


According to Mylicon, its product safely relieves a baby of intestinal discomfort that is produced by gas. Its active ingredient is simethicone, an ingredient known to reduce bloating and gas pain. Mylicon is not effective for the treatment of colic unless gas discomfort contributes to your baby's irritability. If you feel your baby has colic, consult your baby's paediatrician or primary care provider.


While both Mylicon and gripe water are effective for the treatment of gas problems, gripe water contains more natural ingredients that act as more of an herbal remedy than chemical compounds. However, Mylicon Drops are used to quickly eliminate surface level gas bubbles in the stomach, reducing pain and providing immediate relief.


Some versions of gripe water can contain alcohol. Most over-the-counter versions do not have alcohol in them. Check to make sure that the brand you give your baby does not include alcohol, as some versions can contain up to 3.6 per cent. Babies have a difficult time filtering alcohol from their systems in comparison to adults.