Corner garden ideas

Planting a corner garden is not only about a focal point but also about adding colour and beauty to your yard. It can be small or large, depending on your space. You can also start small and add more area later as you want to enlarge your garden with more plants.

There are a few things to consider when you make your plans to plant a corner garden.


Pay attention to the amount of sunlight the area gets during the day during the growing season. If it is in a shady area, the types of plants you will grow will be different than if the space is in a shady garden.


No matter what kind of garden you wish to plant, you will always need to look at the soil and see if it is suitable for growing a garden. Of course, if you are just planning on using cacti, then sand and gravel might be appropriate, but most plants like healthy dirt. If you have hard soil, add a little humus and/or compost to break it up. Sandy soil will need humus and/or compost to enrich it. Don't forget to check the acid level.


When you design your corner garden, you need to keep in mind that you are simply designing a triangle. A general plan would be to place a tall focal plant such as a staked tomato plant or a crab apple tree for this centre spot. Medium height plants like bush green beans, daisies, pepper plants, black-eyed Susan or Swiss chard can be planted in an arc around it. Finally, plant low plants in the three corners, like radishes, carrots, marigolds, petunias, parsley or thyme.


You will want to add a couple of features to your corner garden for functionality and visual appeal. Think about a small bird feeder or birdbath near the back or maybe a hummingbird feeder. A few concrete stepping stone will help you be able to walk back into the corner without stepping on plants. Even a large stone looks good in a corner garden


Your corner garden has the potential of supplying your kitchen with a plethora or herbs or vegetables or even fruits if you plan it right. On the other hand, if you prefer a more passive kind of gardening, it can be a carefree and beautiful source of flowers that bloom all summer long.