The average cost of foundation repair

As almost any homeowner knows, the stronger the foundation of a house, the more secure the house itself is, and that translates into fewer cracks, leaks and losses of support structures. Of course, not every house can go through its life cycle with the foundation performing flawlessly.

This is where foundation repair comes in and it becomes necessary to start calculating fix-it averages.


On average, repairing a failing foundation of a house costs between £3,250 and £4,550. This assumes that there won't be any additional problems to fix while repairing the foundation, such as replacing plumbing. Although the average is £3,250 and £4,550, simple jobs can get as low as just over £1,300, while complex jobs might push close to £9,100.

Prevention vs. Reaction

Some foundations that are in need of attention do not require much. They can be fixed more as a preventive measure than a reactionary one. If the foundation problem has been ignored, however, then costs quickly escalate because other issues tend to show up. These problems include things like cracks opening up in basement flooring or walls or plumbing being damaged.

Type of Foundation

The type of foundation affects the cost of foundation repair. There are three main types of foundations. These include slab, pier and beam, and t-shaped foundations. Each of these foundation types, due to differences in design, requires different materials or different amounts of similar materials. For instance, pier and beam foundations require insulation, unlike the other types. Because different materials or amounts of materials are used from one foundation to another, the repair cost may not be the same from house to house, even if damage is similar and square footage is approximately the same.

House Size

The size of the house can lower or raise foundation repair costs, because the larger the house, the more materials must be purchased for the repair. Larger houses also can be more expensive to repair because they involve more weight and structure complexity.


One of the biggest aspects of foundation repair cost is who does the repair. Experienced workers are more likely to do the job quickly and efficiently and to do better quality work. Newer companies, in contrast, may woo customers with low prices but end up costing more in the long run because their inexperience may translate to more hours on the job. For this reason, it may be worth it to hire the company that offers an initially higher bid for the repair.