Different Types of Mobile Home Skirting

photo by prevail90@photobucket

Skirting around the bottom of a mobile home gives it a completed appearance and can also be an extension of your style and taste. Skirting also protects the underside of your home from weather, insects and pests.

There are several types to choose from, which can either be a complement to your home in the same colour and type or it can accent your taste in trim with a rock, stone or brick pattern in many colours.

Lattice Panels

This type of mobile home skirting is seen often because it is the least expensive alternative and is available in either wood or plastic. The wood panels are two feet tall by eight feet long and are made of treated wood for durability. These may be painted in any colour you like to go with the scheme of your mobile home. The plastic panels are four feet tall by eight feet long and are pre-coloured in white, redwood and cedar colour. Plastic panels will never need repainting and all lattice panels resist moisture, mildew and are dry rot resistant. The semi-open panels will allow air flow and circulation underneath your mobile home which may increase energy costs over a tightly sealed method.

Vinyl Panels

These panels are manufactured out of vinyl and are available in four wide by eight foot long sheets. There are many colours available and they match the most common colours of your home. These may be purchased in white and painted any colour you wish and the texture matches the metal siding of a mobile home to create a fluid look.

Faux Rock Panels

Faux rock panels are available in a rock design, a brick design or a stone design. Each is colour-coordinated with several shades in their colour group to appear natural. These are available in shades of brown, red and grey as in traditional bricks and rocks. The rock style also has the choice of different sizes of rocks included in the panel from a large size to a smaller version more like river rock. These faux panels are purchased in four foot long by two foot wide panels.

Faux Wood Panels

If you desire and enjoy the clean lines of wood, there are many versions of faux wood panels available. They are available in a tongue and groove style and a natural tree bark style. You may also purchase a rough cedar look with a dark finish or a weathered looking two by four design. There are bamboo faux wood panels available also that have different variations in size of the light coloured wood on them. Faux wood panels are purchased in four foot long by two foot wide panels.


Lattice panels and the other types of panels are all good products in the areas of finishing your mobile home and hold up quite well in all types of weather. Lattice is less durable than the others because of the open holes in the design, but more affordable at about half of the price per foot as the other options listed.