Party Ideas for a 9-Year-Old Girl

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Coming up with party ideas for a 9-year-old girl is no easy feat. At this age she may teeter somewhere between her role as a princess and gritty tomboy fun. Her tastes change daily. However, the fact remains that no matter what phase she is going through, she is always open to having fun.

These party ideas will please the nine year old girl in your life as well as all her friends.

American Doll Party

If she still enjoys playing with her dolls then she will love a party at an American Girl store. Mothers have been known to load up their friends, daughters in tow, and take the train across the country to one of their locations. They can be found in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, and Minneapolis. These stores cater to girls of this age with parties that include matching outfits for the guest of honour and her favourite American Girl doll, food and a show.

Her Favorite Activities

Take your 9-year-old's hobbies and interest to heart when planning a party for her. If she tends to be quite the sleuth she will probably love a party that includes a neighbourhood scavenger hunt with her friends. If she's a tomboy she may enjoy a sports theme or a party centred around outdoor activities. If she's the shy, quiet type then consider a pottery party with just a few friends at a local art shop. By taking her personality into consideration you will throw a party that she will love, not resent.

Tea Party

There is hardly a more enjoyable way to teach etiquette than through the fun of a tea party. Nine-year-old girls love to play dress up, and a tea party is the perfect excuse for such an occasion. Dig out Grandma's old hats and feather boas from the attic and watch the fun begin. Load a trunk with dresses, hats, shoes, gloves, and costume jewellery for the girls to choose from. After they are dressed allow them to take pleasure in tea and crumpets while dishing over the latest Disney star. A great lesson afterward is to have your 9-yea- old write thank you notes to all her guests.

Kitchen Fun

Children just seem drawn to the kitchen. It's a place to experiment, explore and learn. Baking cupcakes is fun enough. But gathering around the kitchen table so that each child can decorate their own is awesome. Set small ramekins filled with various colours of frosting on the table so they can choose the right colour for their individual cupcakes. Also include various types of sprinkles and tubes of frosting gel so they can put their initials or smiley faces on the cupcakes. Raisins, grapes and small candies will also spark imaginations.

Disco Party

Pre-teen girls love to dance. It's an age when they are still relatively free of inhibitions and dance to any tune, even if it's only playing in their heads. Disco parties are easy to decorate. Floor to ceiling streamers in black, gold and silver along the walls prove to be inexpensive party decor. You can also use prism tape or stickers to turn your old beach ball into a sparkly disco ball dangling from the ceiling. This is also another excuse for the children to play dress-up in retro style garb while dancing the evening away to 1970s disco tunes that will leave them laughing and entertained.