What SD Card to Use in the Zumo 550

The Zumo 550 is a mobile GPS unit designed to be attached to motorcycles. It allows riders to map out routes, get directions to locations ranging from gas stations to ATMs, and also acts as a mobile entertainment device.


An SD card is a removable storage card that can hold a variety of media and data files. In the case of the Zumo 550, a removable SD card holds the MP3 files, photos, maps, and audio books that can be accessed and played on the Zumo while on the go.


According to Garmin Tech, the Zumo accepts standard size SD cards with up to gigabytes of memory. However, on the AdvRider forums, users have reported success with using 8GB of memory in the SD card slot (See Reference 2). Smaller capacity SD cards can also be used, such as a 512MB, 1GB or 2GB card.

There are a variety of companies that make standard SD cards, some examples are viewable in the Resources section. A 4GB SD card can be purchased for less than £16. Companies such as Kingston, SimpleTech and USModular make 4GB SD cards.


The Zumo 550 does not come equipped with an SD card, so users must buy one separately. This is in contrast to other electronic devices that sometimes include a removable SD card with the purchase of the product. The Zumo does have limited internal memory, but users looking to play music, view photos or access additional navigation maps will want to buy an SD card.


Garmin sells a 512MB SD card direct from its Zumo website, but the price recently was just under £19. Purchasing a third-party standard sized SD card can be more cost effective.

Also buying an SD card, consider how much storage you need. If you plan on using the Zumo to listen to music while on the go, keep in mind that 1GB of storage can hold about 240 MP3 songs (See Reference 3).


If you have more MP3 files, maps, audio books or photos than can fit on a supported SD card, you can purchase additional SD cards to store your files and keep them in a pocket or storage compartment on the motorcycle. The Zumo only supports one SD card at a time.


While some Zumo users have claimed to have found success using an 8GB SD card in the Zumo's SD slot, the user manual indicates that the maximum size supported is 4GB. Therefore, an 8GB card may not function properly for all users. Data on the card may be inaccessible if the device does not have the capability to read the larger format.

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