About postpartum support belts

Postpartum support belts and belly binding have been used for centuries as methods of supporting a woman's postpartum body. The binding is said to assist in returning the abdominal area to its pre-baby shape sooner.

Regular use of a postpartum support belt relieves back pain and will assist with proper posture when breastfeeding.


Postpartum support belts help to bind your stomach after delivery. This has been shown to assist in flattening your stomach sooner. The belts support your back and ease lower back pain. The back support allows for a better position during breastfeeding, which will result in less back pain.


Traditionally belly binding was done with a sheet. After the baby was born, a woman's body was wrapped by her midwife in a sheet secured with pins. This was thought to help return the organs back to their original position after the birth of the baby. This was also thought to help shrink the uterus back to its original size. It has been proven that belly binding does not accomplish either of these things.


Binding your stomach as soon as possible after delivery will assist in helping your stomach shrink back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Binding will reduce stretch marks by shrinking the skin around the abdomen and holding everything in. Postpartum support belts will give your stomach a slimmer appearance by holding in the skin that was stretched during your pregnancy. Wearing the belt can allow you to fit into your normal clothes sooner.


Studies have found that binding may lead to undo pressure on the organs. It may also increase your chances of postpartum constipation. It has been shown to have no effect on decreasing the size of your uterus after the birth of your child.

Time Frame

It is recommended that postpartum binding begin as soon as possible after delivery. Binding should be worn at all times, with the exception of showering. binding should be warn for at least six weeks postpartum, or as longer if you desire.