Electric Pocket Watch Battery Replacement Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A pocket watch is a stylish accessory reminiscent of an era when men wore hats and opened doors for ladies. Today, most watches that are carried in pockets are cell phones, capable of surfing the Internet or giving you step-by-step directions to the nearest Thai restaurant. But if you enjoy keeping the past alive and own an old-fashioned pocket watch, then you must ensure that it runs properly. In order to accomplish this, you'll likely have to replace the battery every one to two years--that is, unless you have a truly old-fashioned watch that requires only winding.

How to Replace the Battery of a Pocket Watch

Begin by placing your pocket watch face down on a soft, nonabrasive cloth. A simple cotton cloth will suffice. You do not want to place your watch on a hard surface, as it will result in scratches on the glass or plastic cover. Next, closely examine the back of the watch. You should see a small space between the back plate and the actual body of your pocket watch. Most quartz pocket watches (those with a battery) have a back that simply pops off. If your watch does not have a discernible groove and appears solid, you should take your watch to a specialist for service.

To remove the back of the watch, you must gently position the edge of a knife (preferably one with a thin blade) into the groove between the back plate and body of the pocket watch. Work the knife around the circumference of the back plate. If the plate does not loosen, simply give the knife a slight twist, and the back should easily snap off.

With the back of the watch removed, you must examine how the battery is positioned within the pocket watch. This is important, as you'll need to insert the new battery in the same position. After you've noted how it is positioned, remove the old battery from your pocket watch. If the battery is held in place by a clip, carefully lift the clip with a pair of tweezers or your fingertip. The battery should then fall out. If you notice the clip cannot be lifted and is held in place by screws, you will need a small screwdriver to remove the screws and clip. Once the battery is out, you should then insert the replacement battery in the correct position. Again, you may need to lift the clip with tweezers to position the battery. If you had a screw-in clip, you'll need to replace the clip and screws after the battery is in place.

Complete your task by lining up the back plate of the pocket watch and squeezing it onto the body of the watch using your thumbs and fingers. It should snap into place with little effort. Lastly, wipe your pocket watch with your cloth to remove any fingerprints and then set the watch to the correct time.

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