Step-by-Step Finaplix Conversion

Updated April 17, 2017

Finaplix-H is the brand name for trenbolone acetate, a veterinary steroid hormone used by cattle farmers to promote rapid growth of lean muscle mass in beef cows. Though Finaplix-H comes in a form that is injected under the cow's skin via a special gun, it is possible to convert Finaplix-H into a solution that you can inject directly into the muscles. The process is fairly straightforward and can be done in about six hours.

Acquire the Necessary Equipment

Before starting the conversion process, make sure you have all the equipment you need. To convert Finaplix-H properly, you will need a box of Finaplix pellets, USP grade sesame oil, a solution to dissolve the Finaplix pellets, two 50cc vials, a stopper-topped, sterile 50cc vial, a 10cc push tube, two 18 gauge x 1.5-inch needles, and a .045 Whatman filter.

Pet supply websites sell Finaplix-H in 10- or 100-dose packages (the recipe shared here calls for the latter amount). You can purchase all of the vials, the filter and the syringes from an established scientific supply company. Additionally, some websites sell a "conversion kit" that contains everything you need except the Finaplix-H.

Create a Clean and Sterile Workplace

Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol (95 per cent solution) to wipe down all of your equipment, including the top of the stopper-vial, and to wipe down your work area, including the hob.

Start the Conversion Process

In order to convert the Finaplix-H, you will first need to separate the trenbolone acetate of the pellets from the binding chemicals holding the pellets together. To do this, crush the pellets and then place them and the dissolving solution into one of the vials for two hours. You can enhance this process by heating water in a pan and setting the vial in the water.

Next, add all but 5cc of your sesame oil to the mixture of dissolving solution and crushed pellets, and allow this new mixture to sit for two hours. After this time, you will notice a separation between the binding chemicals and the dissolved Finaplix-H.

With the 10cc push tube, suck up the oil-pellet mixture. Avoid drawing any of the binding materials into the tube. Stick one of the 18-gauge needles into the rubber stopper top of the sterile vial. Attach another of the 18-gauge needles to the end of the Whatman filter, and then attach the other side of the Whatman filter to the 10cc push tube. Then push the needle attached to the Whatman filter through the rubber top of the sterile vial.

Using slow, even pressure, push the stopper down on the push tube, forcing the liquid through the Whatman filter and into the sterile vial. This will sterilise your final product. After you have pushed all of the pellet-oil solution through the Whatman filter and into the sterile vial, add the remaining 5cc of sesame oil to the push tube. Then push this remaining oil through the Whatman filter and into the sterile vial so that you remove all of the Finaplix-H solution from the Whatman filter itself.

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