Homemade Pond Fish Food

Updated February 21, 2017

Pond fish will often eat just about anything they can find. However, you want your pond fish to remain healthy and have the best nourishment possible. Consider making homemade food for your pond fish to give them the best nutrition and make them more colourful. Fish food is easy to make if you know what ingredients to include.

Cornstarch Fish Food

Combine salmon (canned is fine), a hard boiled egg, frozen green peas, duck weed, fish oil and freeze-dried brine shrimp for a nutritious fish food that is high in amino acids, according to Place all of the ingredients in a blender and mix until it becomes a mushy paste. Add cornstarch to the mixture, stirring until it becomes a thick paste. Scatter chunks of the paste around your pond and watch the fish devour it.

During the summer, substitute unflavored gelatin for the cornstarch and then place balls of the paste in the freezer. Freeze the paste and then drop it into the hot summer pond water where it will soften up for consumption.

Koi Pond Food

Koi are often kept in backyard ponds. Their diet should include protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. Koi are very colourful fish, and giving them the proper food will help them retain their bright colours as well as grow quite large.

Combine 12 canned sardines, 0.907kg. of shrimp, 2 cups of cooked rice, 6 garlic cloves and a splash of orange juice in a blender and blend until the mixture is a paste. Add unflavored gelatin until the mixture thickens and you can make small balls of food with it. Toss the bits in the pond and the koi will attack it. You can probably hand feed your koi once they know what they are getting.

Frozen Cube Foods

Make blended pond-fish food in easy frozen blocks by combining shrimp, creel, spinach and clams in a blender and blending them on a purée setting for several seconds.

Pour the puréed mixture into ice cube trays, cover them with cling film (to trap in the smell), and leave them in the freezer for several hours until frozen solid. To feed your fish, drop the frozen cubes into the water and they will slowly dissolve and result in a great dinner for the pond fish.

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