Homemade Wood Sealer Recipe

Updated February 21, 2017

Unfortunately, many wood sealers and paints can contain substances that are toxic and dangerous to your health. As the awareness about this issue grows, more and more people are insisting upon "green" alternatives. One way of accomplishing this goal is to re-examine the recipes for wood sealers from the past. One effective wood sealer is a weather-resistant paint that not only seals the wood but helps to preserve it.

Gather your Ingredients

For this lovely wood sealer, you will need cottage cheese (preferably dry curd, without cream or flavouring), lime and lime-resistant pigment powder. The amounts you'll need depend on the surface area you wish to cover with this wood sealant. You will need five parts of cottage cheese to every one part of lime. The amount of coloured pigment you wish to add is up to you, depending on the colour you wish to achieve.

Start Mixing

Once you've gathered your ingredients, you need to hydrate the lime. Add enough water to the lime to form a paste. Once you've got a nice paste, pour in the cottage cheese and stir it well. Allow the mixture to sit until the lumps in the cottage cheese dissolve. This may take a few hours--check the mixture as time passes to keep track of the progress.

Colour and Go

After the cottage cheese loses its lumps, add the pigment powder and stir. If you wish, you can add more powder until you get the hue you like. The consistency of this wood sealant can be adjusted to your preference. If you want the wood sealant to be thicker, add skimmed milk in powdered form and stir. If you want the sealant to be thinner, pour it through a pair of nylons, or just add water.

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