Do it Yourself: Concrete Landscape Edging

Updated December 21, 2016

Give your lawn a professional look by installing concrete landscape edging. This not only makes your flower beds look nice, but concrete edging also gives each section of your lawn a more groomed appearance. With some basic tools, you can quickly install edgers around your flowerbeds and trees to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Decide what type of concrete landscape edging you want

Select the installation style you are most comfortable with. You can pour concrete and style it into concrete landscape edging. Or you can buy preformed concrete edgers to set into the ground. The latter is the easier method of installation.

Next choose the style of concrete landscape edging you wish to install. Edgers come in straight, circular, curved and swirled lengths. Designed to link together, you can make your flowerbeds out of preformed concrete landscape edging into just about any shape you want.

Pick the colour of concrete edging materials you want. Most edgers are available in grey as well as natural colours such as green, tan and beige to easily blend into your landscape.

Measure and mark your borders

Use a string tied to sticks to mark where you want to install your flowerbeds or tree edgings. Another option that works well to mark curved edging is to lay a garden hose out in the shape you want to build. Then use spray paint, flour or chalk to mark the outside edge where you plan to place the concrete landscape edging.

Measure the circumference of the flowerbed you marked. This is the amount of edging material you need to purchase. Allow extra in case a piece breaks or is defective.

Lay the edgers

Dig out a trench for your concrete landscape edging. It should be at least as wide as the concrete edgers. If you want to make it easier to mow up against the edgers, make the trench wider. Remove all of the rocks and roots you dig up from the trench.

Level the bottom of the trench. You can pour sand into the trench to make a level surface to install your concrete edging or you can pour a thin layer of concrete into the trench to secure the edgers.

Set the concrete edging into the trench. Use a level to make sure each section is level with its neighbour. Fill the front or outside edge of the trench in to reveal an even amount of landscape edger.

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