What to Use Under Couch Feet on a Wood Floor

Updated February 21, 2017

Hardwood floors may increase the value of a home, but they do require protection to maintain their appeal. Although couch legs can mar a wood floor with dents, scuffs and scratches, you can avoid damage by using caution and cost-efficient protection methods. To protect hardwoods floors from furniture, use items from around your home or purchase floor protection products.

Protect the Floor When Moving the Couch

Lift and carry a couch from one area to another with the help of a second person, as this will prevent any accidental damage to your floors. If you have no help, place a thick blanket or rug beneath the feet on one side of the couch, and lift and push the other side to move it to the other area.

Protect Floors with Household Items

Items from around your home can provide protection for hardwood floors---this can be an addition to your home decor or a temporary solution. If you have a rug that is large enough to extend from all sides of the couch, place it beneath the couch to protect the floor from its feet and to add extra colour to the room. A rug which is large enough to extend in front of the couch will also protect the floor from heavy foot traffic.

Cut old carpet remnants or pieces of soft, thick fabric to place beneath each foot. Store-bought furniture pads are often made of felt so if you already have pieces of felt at home, fold them to double their thickness, and place them beneath each foot.

Store-Bought Floor Protection

A variety of floor protectors are available online and in hardware stores. Use hardwood floor castor cups if your couch has wheels or if you need to stop it from sliding on the floor. For thin couch legs, use slip-on protectors made from soft plastic, or choose from the assortment of felt-based products. The self-adhesive circles are easy to peel and apply, while others may require a hammer to drive small tacks of fabric into each leg. Furniture floor protectors are generally inexpensive and will save you from costly repairs to your hardwood floors.

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