Home remedies for roof moss removal

Updated March 23, 2017

Home remedies for roof moss removal includes brushing or washing the existing moss away and creating a future roof environment that discourages moss growth. As organic debris collect on a roof, it gradually decomposes into a rich, compost-like soil. This provides the perfect landing zoning for moss spores blowing in the breeze to land, attach, and mature into moss.

Moss Removal

Rake the existing roof moss from the roof using a plastic rake. Always rake down the shingles. Raking should dislodge and loosen the larger moss growths, allowing the smaller chunks to be swept down the roof using a large, soft-bristle broom. Use a smaller broom to carefully clear away debris lurking in between the shingles and within other small crevasses of the roof.

Cleaning the Roof

After the moss is completely removed, continue sweeping until all the organic debris and dirt are clear of the roof's surface. Using a water hose, spray high-pressure water down the roof, with the shingles, to ensure all the small, particulate matter is removed. Use soapy water and a rag to clean up any fungus.

Maintaining the Roof

A clean roof will not support moss growth. Prevent future moss build-up by periodically sweeping the roof. Eliminate the source of the organic debris if at all possible. Overhanging branches and leaves of nearby trees should be removed by using trimmers. An additional benefit of clearing away overhanging branches is increased direct sunlight on the roof's surface. Moss prefer moist, shady environments, so keep the roof sunny and dry.

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