Easiest way to put in contact lenses

Updated March 21, 2017

Putting contact lenses in your eye can be particularly difficult for new contact lens users and quite a big hurdle to overcome. Although it may take you several minutes to half an hour to put your lenses in when you first get them, after weeks of practice, you'll be able to put them in your eyes in just a few minutes each morning. Whether you wear hard or soft contacts, the method to put them in is the same.


Before putting in your contact lenses, make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands in warm water with soap and dry them off completely before handling your lenses. Remove your lenses from their case and make sure they are not inside out (a contact that is the right way will look as though it is in a perfect half circle, an inside out contact will have a slightly angular appearance). You may want to stand in front of the mirror if you are a beginner.

Putting Them in Your Eyes

Place the contact lens right side up on your index finger. Place few drops of contact solution on the lens in order to wet it a little bit. With your middle finger of the same hand, pull your lower lid down. With the opposite hand, pull your upper eyelid up so that your eye is easier to see. Looking straight ahead, place the contact lens on your eyeball very gently. You do not need to push the lens, as the water from the lens and your eye will attract one another. It should easily slide onto your eye.

After the Lens is Inserted

After the lens is inserted onto your eye, blink several times to make sure it is in place. You may want to then apply rewetting drops onto your eye over your lens to ensure the proper amount of moisture. Rewetting drops can be purchased over the counter at your local chemist and can be used at any time during the day when you feel your eyes becoming slightly dry.

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