Things to write on a card to an expecting mother

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are attending a baby shower or simply sending well wishes to an expectant mother, a personalised card is a thoughtful gesture. Send it along with a present, gift certificate or as a stand-alone note of support and good cheer. Your relationship to the mother-to-be will help you determine the appropriate message for your card.

Choosing a Baby Greeting Card

Selecting the perfect greeting card can be overwhelming and time-consuming as you sort through the seemingly endless supply of options. Narrow the choices down by asking yourself questions about the new baby and mother-to-be. If you know the baby's gender, choose a card that reflects the joys of mothering a boy or girl. Let the mother's personality or interests guide you toward an appropriate card; if she enjoys humour or has involvement with a faith-based group, choose a card that speaks to that specifically. Look for a card that echoes your relationship to her--you may find a baby shower card for sisters, co-workers or whatever relationship you share.

Baby Poems

A baby poem can add a fun or sentimental touch to your card, depending on the poem. suggests adaptation of a lullaby or nursery rhyme to create a flowing verse that is specific to the mother and child; they use "Three Blind Mice" as an example to modify for triplets.

Write a poem of your own, or browse through baby poem websites, such as, to find a suitable baby card message. If the card you purchase is blank inside, a handwritten poem or verse offsets the emptiness and adds to your message.

Personal Message

Address the expectant mother by name, and add her partner's name if you wish to congratulate the couple for their special occasion. A phrase, such as "Best wishes to you and your little one," is a short but personal note that you can add if you wish to write more than a mere signature.

A close friend may appreciate a sincere letter that focuses on her hopes and excitement, while a family member may be delighted to read that you look forward to meeting the new addition to your family. If you have a young child, ask him to write a welcoming note in the card, too. Offer your support if the expectant mother has any hardship to endure, but focus on the positive aspects of her new arrival.

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