How to Preserve Rustic Pine Furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Although pinewood is classified as a soft wood, it is frequently and beautifully used for furniture. Rustic pine furniture is favored for its warm, light color and interesting, natural grain patterns that are not commonly found in other woods. Although it can be varnished or painted, in order to retain its natural beauty, rustic pine furniture finishes are left in close to the original state of the wood. The addition of rustic pine furniture pieces into your decor can bring an element of earthy, natural warmth to your living environment.

Arrange and place the rustic pine furniture away from direct sunlight. Long exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage the furniture finish, and may cause the wood to lose moisture and shrink. Extreme changes in heat and humidity can cause warping, splitting and cracking on the furniture piece.

Dust frequently using a soft, lint-free dust cloth that has been lightly sprayed with a furniture polish, like Pledge, and use a circular motion when dusting. Never spray the polish directly onto the rustic pine, as the polish may stain or discolor the wood and build up in the wood pores, thus attracting and retaining dust and dirt. Dry dusting, without any polish on the cloth, can also damage the wood finish by creating very fine scratches in the finish. The polish sprayed on the cloth not only helps pick up dust on the furniture and acts as a temporary barrier to liquid spills, but also serves as a protection layer between the cloth and the furniture surface.

Use the same type of polish every time you dust the pine wood furniture. Changing back and forth from an oil-based to a waxed-based polish will leave an appearance of a cloudy or streaky finish on the furniture piece.

Apply a light coat of furniture wax to the wood surface with a clean, soft cloth. This should be done to rustic pine furniture every few months, and more frequently on areas of the wood that show more use and wear. Gently buff the waxed surface dry for a beautiful shine and a smudge-resistant finish.

Remove accidental marks on the wood finish by gently rubbing some wax in the area using a fine-grade wire wool. Let dry, then buff the area with a clean cloth.


Never use water or soap and water to clean rustic pine surfaces. To avoid heat or liquid marks and damage to the wood surface, always use mats and coasters under objects placed on the pine wood surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean, lint-free, soft dusting cloth
  • Furniture polish, preferably a spray type
  • Furniture paste wax
  • Fine grade wire wool
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