Homemade weed killer for large areas

Written by ann white | 13/05/2017

Weeds are a common house and garden problem with many solutions. While many companies offer chemical weed killers in the forms of sprays and powders, the cost tends to be greater than the results. Consider homemade weed killers for the next attack on the garden.

Natural Toddy

Vinegar and gin create an acidic environment that is hostile to weed development and survival. Combine one part vinegar, one part inexpensive gin, and eight parts water and pour directly onto the weeds. Cover both the leaves and roots for the best results.


Salt is any plant's worst enemy, and can be especially helpful in both killing and preventing weeds in cement cracks. First kill any existing weeds by pouring 2 quarts of boiling water with 1/4 cup of dissolved salt directly onto the weeds. This should kill any existing weeds within three days. After the weeds are gone, fill the cracks with salt and maintain monthly to keep weeds permanently out of the cracks.


Fill a spray bottle with bleach and spray directly onto the weed's leaves and stalk. The chemicals in the bleach will burn the weed throughout the day. If unintentional spraying of plants occurs, rinse the plants immediately with water and they should be fine.

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